19 Mar 2021 / features Can a scanner be a fashion photography's medium?

How an office attribute became a central element of Katerina Jebb's experimental photography for Louis Vuitton, Céline, Comme des Garçons, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art

07 Mar 2021 / culture Everything you need to know about SEX: Vivienne Westwood's boutique from the 1970s

Diving deeper into the era of SEX - 430 Kings Road kink hub. How the Vivienne Westwood's and Malcolm McLaren's shop defined the look of punk before the musical genre became a serious movement

01 Mar 2021 / interviews A conversation with Deba Hekmat

19 years old Kurdish-British model Deba discusses her journey with Anti-Agency, using her platform to channel social justice wakefulness and suggests taking a rest from Instagram for 3 hours per day

26 Dec 2020 / interviews Odunayo Ojo: The Fashion Archive

Odunayo Ojo talks about pursuing a fashion journalism degree after studying chemical engineering, how it feels to run a 50K YouTube channel, and what makes a good fashion journalist

09 Jan 2021 / features Political Fashion

The sartorial choice may also be an act of protesting in the era of excessive socio-political awareness

26 Dec 2020 / interviews Kyiv Is Burning. Who said there is no ballroom scene in the post-soviet space?

Strike a pose! Interview with the organizers of Kyiv Voguing Nights

26 Dec 2020 / interviews The Body and The Dress

Diana Fedoriaka discusses her photo projects "My Naked Friends" and "I am Diana". Clothes, photography, and the nude form

14 Oct 2020 / features Dress-X: Entirely Digital Alternative to Fast-Fashion

A closer look at Daria Shapovalova's new start-up

26 Dec 2020 / life Fashion Magazine Dealer

In Ukraine, access to foreign fashion magazines is still a huge dilemma. About the country’s scarcity of alternative fashion media and the person who sorted it out

26 Dec 2020 / books Why Vestoj Is The Best Print Fashion Magazine?

In an oversaturated fashion magazine market, Vestoj gives a breath of fresh air to fashion enthusiasts

10 Oct 2020 / news Kwaidan Editions Spring Summer '21

If you try to translate the word Kwaidan, you will probably get "strange" or "bewitching talk"